Electrical Safety 101

  • How to Make Sure That Your Home Is Ready for Cooler Days Ahead

    17 January 2018

    Early indications suggest that the summer is going to be record-breaking across Australia and when you're sweltering at home, it's difficult to think about how you should prepare for the winter ahead. Like it or not, however, the country is likely to face a significant cool down once again, especially in the southern states and it's important to maintain an efficient home so that the energy bills do not get out of control.

  • 3 Ways LED Lights Can Boost Profits in Your Grocery Shop

    15 January 2018

    If you're planning to renovate your grocery shop or you're looking for a way to increase profits, it's a good idea to consider getting LED lights installed by a qualified electrician. Here are 3 ways switching to LEDs could bring more money into your shop. LEDs Are True to Colour Colour can have a big influence on grocery shop purchases. Customers generally have a preconceived idea of what colour a fresh apple or well-baked loaf of bread should be.

  • Things to Consider Before Hiring an Electrician

    12 January 2018

    Electrical problems around the home occur from time to time and can lead to a myriad of inconveniences especially after dusk. An emergency electrician can solve minor electrical problems so you can resume normal activities as soon as possible. However, before hiring an electrical professional, it is imperative that you do your research to make an informed choice. Here are six factors to consider before enlisting the services of an electrician:

  • Understanding the Installation and Functioning of Doorbells

    9 January 2018

    Doorbells are important ways of ensuring that guests who arrive at your home can alert you of their presence. It is always a good idea to keep your doors locked and to have any visitors use the doorbell so you can know who is there before you open. Many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of their doorbell and they avoid fixing it whenever it experiences problems. Doorbells are simple electrical devices that operate by completing and interrupting a circuit.

  • How to Ensure That You Are Safe at Home During Outdoor Season

    8 January 2018

    With the outdoor season in full swing, people tend to spend more time outside than they do within. As they transfer their life in this way they will also rely on the provision of electricity to help them enjoy their outdoor rest and relaxation. Yet this can lead to problems, especially if exterior wiring and outlets are not up the proper specification or may have been overlooked for some time. What do you need to think about as you make the transition?

  • Electrical Mining Equipment: 4 Safety Checks You Should Undertake

    8 January 2018

    Electrical equipment faces or creates numerous safety risks when it is used in a mine. These risks can be reduced by conducting frequent safety checks on the electrical equipment and its environment. This article discusses some of the checks that can help you to prevent some of the electrical accidents that can occur in your mine. Check the Temperature of the Equipment Some mines may have combustible gases or dust in the atmosphere.

  • Home Construction: Three Practical Planning Guidelines for Your Electrical System

    3 January 2018

    Proper planning is critical for the optimal performance of the electrical system in your new home. If you do not consider this process with care during the home design stage, you will end up with an inefficient and unattractive electrical setup. In simple terms, small oversights such as poor placement of sockets and the wrong choice of lighting could cause extreme discomfort and inconvenience. You might even be forced to perform electrical renovations, which can be expensive.