Electrical Safety 101

  • Benefits of Having an Onsite Civil Electrician for Industrial Businesses

    1 December 2018

    When you begin the hiring process for your new industrial manufacturing business, you will have several electrician related slots to fill. Most of these job slots will fall under the category of civil electrical work. Though these tasks can be handled by an off-site civil electrician, like overhead power lines and outages, most can be handled by an onsite technician. Here are a few of the benefits of having someone onsite to fill civil electrical work slots.

  • 4 Reasons Your Home's Lights Might Be Flickering

    10 October 2018

    Lights that flicker by design help people celebrate the festive period. Lights that flicker randomly can be a cause for concern. Of course, the cause of flickering lights can be benign. On the other hand, flickering can be the first sign of major electrical problems. As such, you should probably call a professional regardless to check the problem and take care of any necessary repairs. Here are just four reasons why your lights might be flickering.

  • Safety Switch Tripped Again? Why You Need to Take Action This Time

    29 August 2018

    Do you take your electricity for granted? It's easy to do so, as life revolves around this amazing utility, but it is nevertheless inherently dangerous, and you have to treat it with respect. Consequently, you should not be blasé if your safety switches keep tripping at the most "awkward" moment. Rather than cursing under your breath and resetting the switch without further action, you need to get to the bottom of the potential problem.

  • How to Coax Your Vacuum Cleaner Back to Life

    23 July 2018

    A vacuum cleaner may be the smallest appliance in the home, but it has an important role to play nevertheless. It's difficult to imagine how it was in the 'old days' when you had to crawl around on your hands and knees to keep the place tidy, so you've got to look after the humble vacuum cleaner at all costs. However, sometimes it is going to play up, and this always seems to happen on cleaning day, but before you give up all hope, maybe you can fix the issue yourself.

  • Don't Buy Another Electrical Item for Your Home Entertainment System Until You Do This

    30 June 2018

    More people than ever have decided to stay home at weekends and take advantage of their super-sized TV, gaming console and Internet connection. After all, you can get the same type of experience in your makeshift theatre as you could a couple of years ago when you paid for a cinema ticket. The typical home entertainment centre is full of various gadgets, connection devices, recorders, speakers and powered woofers, so it's hardly surprising that there's barely enough room for the television!

  • Why Natural Lighting Systems Are Becoming Popular for the Home

    13 June 2018

    For many years, most homes have used artificial lighting products such as incandescent bulbs, LEDs, and CFLs. While these bulbs provide useful light when it's dark outside, they can potentially cause eye strain (from light that is too bright), higher energy costs (mainly from incandescent bulbs) and an unwelcoming environment when the wrong bulb is fitted in a room. More electricians are advocating for homeowners to consider natural lighting systems for their homes.

  • 4 Considerations For Home Security Camera Placement

    3 May 2018

    If you live in a high crime area or simply want to add an extra layer of protection for your home, security cameras can make a big difference. With a home security camera installed in your home, petty burglars may stay away. But where you place these cameras can impact their effectiveness. Consider these factors for home security camera placement. Survey The Property Thoroughly To Identify Vulnerable Entry Points