Electrical Safety 101

How to Ensure That You Are Safe at Home During Outdoor Season

by David Hart

With the outdoor season in full swing, people tend to spend more time outside than they do within. As they transfer their life in this way they will also rely on the provision of electricity to help them enjoy their outdoor rest and relaxation. Yet this can lead to problems, especially if exterior wiring and outlets are not up the proper specification or may have been overlooked for some time. What do you need to think about as you make the transition?


First and foremost, always ensure that any outside receptacles or outlets are "GFCI" approved. This means that they are regulated to offer a good degree of protection should they come into contact with any moisture through humidity, rain, or flooding. These outlets are also designed to be resistant to corrosion and last much longer than their indoor counterparts.

Just remember, if you are planning to install some new ones, make sure that they are far away from any obvious sources of water or low-lying areas. If you're living in an older home and haven't looked at this yet, you may find that the outlets are not sufficient and should change them to GFCI units as soon as possible.

Extra Careful

Don't be tempted to bring conventional extension cords outside to cope with all your entertainment options. These are meant to be temporary solutions in any case and are definitely not designed for use outdoors. In particular, they may not be rated if you are trying to connect a power tool of some kind.

Regular Maintenance

If you want to operate electrical components outside through approved outlets then you need to get into the habit of maintaining them through the season. If they don't have a specially designed cover then you should fit one and you should ensure they are always clear of any dust, debris, or spiders webs. Furthermore, be careful when you are mowing the yard or clearing any weeds if outlets are close by. It's very easy to cause damage inadvertently when you're not paying attention.

Weather Wary

The outdoor season is also a time for thunderstorms and lightning and you should make sure that you do not use any outdoor electrical outlets if storms are nearby.

Getting Expert Support

If you are unsure whether your outdoor receptacles are GFCI compliant, or need to check the security of any wiring in this area, get in touch with a professional for electrical services right away.