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4 Considerations For Home Security Camera Placement

by David Hart

If you live in a high crime area or simply want to add an extra layer of protection for your home, security cameras can make a big difference. With a home security camera installed in your home, petty burglars may stay away. But where you place these cameras can impact their effectiveness. Consider these factors for home security camera placement.

Survey The Property Thoroughly To Identify Vulnerable Entry Points

While you may know every doorway in your home, it's important to get your property surveyed by a security alarm professional to help you identify specific, not-so-obvious areas vulnerable to break-ins. For example, perhaps there is an area around your fencing that could be climbed over or maybe there is a vulnerable window that is enclosed by trees and bushes. Burglars will look for the least obvious entry points, so it is important to get your property thoroughly surveyed to identify how many cameras you need and where you need to place them.

Ensure The Right Height To Get A Good View Of The Burglar

Many people make the mistake of placing their cameras at higher point on properties. They do this because they assume they will be able to cover more area around their property and to prevent burglars from messing with the physical device. While this action certainly covers more area around your property, you will find it harder to get a good look at the burglar if something does happen. You may just identify a figure rather than being able to describe the burglar's facial features in more detail.

Provide Enough Lighting At All Entry Points

Your existing home, in its current condition, may not have enough lighting around all entry points, which can obscure camera night vision. While often forgotten, lighting is an important consideration to help your security cameras record clear pictures whether it is night or day. Avoid placing lights directly on the camera as this will disrupt the images and will prevent you from getting a clearer view.

Cover Off Inconspicuous Areas

Certain areas around windows may seem inconspicuous and safe, but burglars find all sorts of ways to break into your home. Consider placing cameras around rear windows, first-storey entries, and sheds that may be used for hiding. These inconspicuous areas are usually the most vulnerable, which is why they are easier for burglars to break into. Cover off all these areas to keep your home safer.

Consider these placement factors during your home security system installation.