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To Repair or Replace a Damaged Large Kitchen Appliance, That Is the (Difficult) Question

by David Hart

While it can be a convenient time to upgrade when your oven, fridge, dishwasher or other large appliance gives up, the potential cost can be a little off putting. Is replacement necessary when a repair job might be able to restore the appliance to good working order? You might think that appliance repair is going to be most cost effective solution while only slightly prolonging the service life of the item in question, simply delaying the inevitable. To avoid spending more money than you have to, there are a few things to consider when wondering whether repair or replacement is the best course of action.

Approximate Lifespan of an Appliance

There are a number of rough guides to help you to determine the average lifespan of most appliances, but the keyword is rough. A precise determination is impossible and depends on a number of factors, namely who made the appliance, whether the appliance was correctly installed in line with the manufacturer's specifications, whether it was well-maintained, and how frequently it was used. Still, you can at least get a rough idea which can help you to make a decision.

An Example

Perhaps you have a dishwasher that has been used in moderation, in line with the manufacturer's specifications (not overloaded, with regular cleaning of its filtration unit). If the appliance is still within its acceptable service life, then repair can be the more cost effective option and an appliance repairs company can quickly have the device up and running again. Having said that, if the appliance is at the tail end of its acceptable service life, then repair might only offer a temporary reprieve where replacement is still going to be necessary before too long. In such an instance, you would be paying for both repair and replacement within a fairly short time frame.

Telltale Signs

There are a few telltale signs that your appliances are on their last legs, and these can often offer the conclusion that the time has come to replace these items. Though replacement is going to be more expensive than repair, repair might simply not be possible (or will at least be highly impractical).


While the cost of replacing a large appliance can be significant, there are a couple of things that you need to think about. Remember that while your fridge or dishwasher might have given you many years of faithful service, the technology has progressed since your last purchase. Your new energy efficient appliance will use less electricity, lowering its operating costs. While this doesn't offset the purchase price as such, it can still be beneficial. Remember that some retailers don't offer installation as part of the purchase price. This is obviously critical, and can sometimes be arranged for a surcharge. If the surcharge seems too hefty, enquire with a local appliance repairs company as they might be able to take care of the installation for a better price. This professional installation is vital, and can help to ensure that many more years will pass before this appliance needs to be replaced.

To repair or replace a damaged large kitchen appliance can be a difficult question, which is why it's important to think carefully so that you can arrive at the best possible answer.