Electrical Safety 101

Why Natural Lighting Systems Are Becoming Popular for the Home

by David Hart

For many years, most homes have used artificial lighting products such as incandescent bulbs, LEDs, and CFLs. While these bulbs provide useful light when it's dark outside, they can potentially cause eye strain (from light that is too bright), higher energy costs (mainly from incandescent bulbs) and an unwelcoming environment when the wrong bulb is fitted in a room.

More electricians are advocating for homeowners to consider natural lighting systems for their homes. These systems emulate natural light from the sun, so the lamps, bulbs, and fixtures used create a warm, adaptive, and welcoming environment.

Through a series of settings, colour combinations and lighting interfaces, natural lighting systems can make your home feel comfortable for both the eyes and the body.

Boosting comfort and productivity

There is a certain warmth, comfort and rejuvenation that you feel when you open your blinds and the sun comes into your room. Imagine having the same effect at night when darkness sets in.

Natural lighting systems contain highly specialised light bulbs that combine various colours and brightness settings to recreate the effect of natural light from the sun. When you turn on your lights at night, your home will feel as inviting, comfortable, and welcoming as during the day. As a result, you will feel refreshed and productive even during evening hours.

Better eye health

Have you ever fallen asleep with the lights on? Traditional bulbs can cause a strain on your eyes after soaking in the light for a long time. Constant straining can develop into more complex eye complications over the years.

Luckily, natural light causes no such discomfort. All the light bulbs used consist of an intricate mix of shades along the light spectrum that automatically adapt to indoor lighting conditions. As a result, the light in the home is never too dull or too bright.

Improving your mood

There is a connection between lighting conditions and overall mood. For example, dark rooms and offices have been shown to result in reduced productivity and higher levels of depression. Natural lighting can uplift your mood and spirits, making your home a much better place to be in.

Natural light and the circadian rhythm

Natural light also helps your body to maintain a clear circadian rhythm. This internal clock in the body governs the times that you feel sleepy, wake up and feel energetic.

Proper lighting is key to a healthy circadian rhythm. When you have a natural light system in the home, your body can remain alert during the day, and it can take a break when you need a restful night's sleep. The natural light guides your body's circadian rhythm and keeps you productive.