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3 Key Considerations Before Installing Solar Power

by David Hart

It is essential for you to talk to several suppliers before you decide to install solar power for your business needs. This article discusses some of the questions that you should ask the various suppliers so that you get sufficient information to make the best decision for your business.

Is My Site Suitable?

The best solar system suppliers are likely to send someone to assess your location to determine whether it would be okay for you to go solar. Areas of interest may include how large the roof is, any structures that can block sunlight from reaching the panels, the parking lot or space on the ground and the angle at which sunlight strikes your property. The findings will reveal whether you can benefit fully from solar or not.

What Solar Type or Size Is Ideal?

Solar systems can be rooftop systems, ground array systems or carport versions. A hybrid of those different systems can also be designed for you premises. The size of the system that you install will depend on several factors, such as how much energy you need currently and in future. The size can also be influenced by whether you wish to generate excess energy to sell to the utility company to cover the cost of the power you will take from the grid when your system is unable to meet your needs, such as during cloudy weather.

Who Will Oversee System Maintenance?

You should also find out the views of the suppliers regarding how the operation and maintenance of the system will be handled during the service life of that system. For example, ongoing monitoring is necessary to ascertain whether the system is still operating in accordance with the design specifications. Any deviations found can be fixed early so that the payback period isn't prolonged unnecessarily. Some suppliers have service departments that you can contract to keep your system working optimally. Others may not have a local presence and will rely on third-party entities to perform those maintenance functions. Consider all the options carefully and select the supplier who assures you of adequate support during the lifetime of that solar system.

The decision to go the solar power route in your business should not be taken lightly. A significant amount is required to purchase these systems. You should, therefore, use the questions above as a starting point to conduct extensive research about your desire to go solar. Only make a decision once all your concerns have been addressed and switching will make sense at several levels, especially at the financial level.